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May 28, 2004

I just can not believe this....SEX AND SALSA

So I guess Venezuela is following the footsteps of Cuba in many ways, but this one is by far the most schocking one....

It is just sad....

May 27, 2004

You are bad only when I want you to be bad

It is simply funny and at the same time sad... What?

Well, if you follow the little book called "How to be a leftist dictator" or the one called "Fidel Castro a concise guide to my brain" you will see that to be a Latin dictator you have to hate and claim that you despise the United States of America. Why? because the US is the imperialist power that made Latin America poor.

The US is the evil itself, the cause of all things bad, the enemy.

BUT!!! when it comes to get votes and gain popularity the US is heaven, god himself.

According to this article, the state owned TV station (MVR TV, or VTV) is broadcasting all the NBA playoff to the delight of the Venezuelan masses. Why? you may ask... Simply because there are no US dollars available to the private TV statios to actually buy the rights to broadcast them. The Venezuelan government has total control on who receives US dollars, the are exchange controls since almost 2 years.

People underestimate the power of the money that high oil prices are generating to the corrupt chavez administration.

I guess Shaq and Cobe are the circus, but is there any bread left?

May 26, 2004


I am diver, it is one of the things I enjoy more in life. When I had a glimpse of the name of a movie called OPEN WATER I knew it had to deal with some sorts of diving theme.

So I went to the official web site and saw the trailer...WHOA!!! A suspense/horrors flick 100% based on something that could actually happen or even happened to a diver!!!

For me it is chilling to even think that the premise of the movie could even happen to me and my wife on a diving trip.

Anyways the movie has the elements of a good thriller, simple surviving story of a pair of divers in waters full of sharks and some other visiting friends.

May 25, 2004

Anti Chavez geeks "unite and take over..."!!

Go to google and search for the word "Waffles"......

The 1st. search results that appears is the home page for almost presidential candidate John Kerry.

I know that if you search for "maldito dictador" (dictator from hell) in google some anti Chavez sites will come up, but shouldn't we be more creative and start using blant words in englsih as well so we can spread the bad word about Fidel Castro's apprentice?

Anti Chavez geeks "unite and take over..."!!

May 23, 2004

Shrek 2

I just wanted to mention that I saw Shrek 2 and despite the fact that it set records at the box office it sucked. It was like seeing an SNL or Mad TV episode, not suited for kids. Farts jokes all over.. very cheap PDI sucks... Long Live PIXAR.

May 21, 2004

If you believe they put a man on the moon...

There is this guy that has this blog. He claims he is Andy Kaufman, according to him he faked his death for 20 years to make the greates stunt in history. This is extremely funny either to read and to even imagine that it is true.

TV Commercials from Spain

The best thing coming from the Spanish Royal Wedding is that during Friday and Saturday we will able to watch commercials live from TVE. So if your cable provider has TVE in their lineup tune in.

I really enjoy commercials out of Spain, they are really different in terms of creativity and concept. They are far more irreverent than those from the US.

May 19, 2004


Remember Geyper Man? The Spanish version of the GI JOE doll?

One of the collateral effects of the war in Iraq is the availability of this updated version of look alike Geyper Man dolls.

For 40 bucks a piece you can be the owner of several lines of combatants from the operation Iraqi freedom.

They even have the "latino" GI that is always stereotyped in Hollywood films, anyone remembers Private Vasquez from Aliens?

I guess they should update the line and add the torture GI with a set of electrical wires, a leash, digital camera and ah! Gloves.

May 17, 2004

When best wishes come true

On Tuesday I was able to walk the TPC at Las Colinas the golf course where the EDS Byron Nelson golf tournament is played. That day, the admission was free and you could actually walk the course with the golf professionals and see their entire practice round.

At the 16th hole, an uphill par 5, a friend and I saw a foursome approaching the green. Among the players were Jesper Parnevik and Sergio Garcia. They did several approach shots and chipped around 5 balls each from every side of the green.

Once they finished I manage to address Sergio and told him in Spanish "Hey Sergio este es tu fin de semana!!!" (Sergio Dude...this is you weekend!!)He was kind enough to stop and signed an autograph on my friends notebook.

On Saturday I went to the actual tournament and followed Sergio from the 14th hole. He was already leading with a score of 10 under par for the championship.

Well as some you should know, the guy won the Byron Nelson in the easiest play off I have ever seen.

I have to thank Tim my friend who gave me the Sergio autograph on Tuesday saying that he did not like Sergio very much...little did he know Sergio was bound to win the Byron....

May 14, 2004

Good Defense

I guy in New Zealand got a ticket and look what he did.... Only in New Zealand

Streaming Morrissey

Finally there is a way to preview the much anticipated new record by Morrissey. VH1 allows you listen to the whole CD in this link. By the way the CD is excellent.

May 12, 2004

Texas it's like a whole other country

Texas feels sometimes like a country different from the USA. That is the main reason behind the Texas tourism office web site, and a group of Texans feels like this should be true. They think that Texas should be liberated from the occupation from the USA.

Basically they are seeking independence from the US, just like the Basque separatist in Spain and even the Chechens.

They are part of The Republic Of Texas. They have an interim government and they also decided to change the state's flag to the one that was used sometime in the 19th. century.

If you want to become a "Texian" (Texans is so "gringo") you just have to leave in the state for 6 months and apply for a citizenship. According to their web site the ceremony is breath taking!!.

I can now believe that the "Republica del Zulia" should be promoted... and I want to be Zulean....

May 11, 2004

Using new blogger features

New look!!! I am still playing with the new Blogger edit tools...let's see what can I do...!

May 10, 2004


The new show staged by the Venezuelan government of finding a group of paramilitaries on a farm close to Caracas is really silly.

I know opposition leaders and the likes had not been very clever while trying to oust Mr. Chavez from government, but having a whole troop of paramilitaries in the suburbs is just silly, stupid and hard to believe.

I guess someone inside the government should start writing novelas.....

The end is careful

May 07, 2004

Friends Sucked...

I saw the overhyped final Friends episode last night, and for me it did not work. It had it's moment but never clicked with me. I guess the fierce marketing campaign by NBC rose my expectations too high.

Anyways I can imagine that writing the final chapter of a show like friends is not an easy task. I have to say that there were very good one liners...

May 05, 2004

SpiderMan stole the bases....

SpiderMan is safe on second!!!
In what seems to be either the boldest move by a marketer or the dumbest move by the current baseball commissioner, starting June 11 all of the baseball bases in Major League Baseball will have the spiderman logo printed on them.

This is the 1st. time any advertising piece is placed inside the actual baseball diamond. Is baseball desperate for money? Is baseball desperate to appeal to the kids that they assume are Spider-Man's fans?

It is also in the works the fact that maybe sometime this year baseball teams would be allowed to place advertisement in the actual uniforms as they do in European Soccer and in organized baseball in the Caribbean.

I guess money talk and BullS*&$)T walk....

No RR for you!!!

Sadly I think that all the efforts by the majority of the Venezuelans to have a Referendum (RR) are going to be in vain.

I hope some miracle happens within the next 3 months... it is just appalling to see how democracy is just dead.

Is this going to end someday?

May 03, 2004

When the conservatives lie...the media matters

I found this very curious web destination, a site "dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media".

It is managed by a former right journalist that once he found how bad and evil the conservative media was decided to jump the fence and start discouraging people from believing in media outlets controlled by the right wing.

Maybe it would be a good idea to check it out from time to time...I wonder why most of his complaints come from the FOX news network...Mmmmmmm.........

Coachella Wrap's Up

The Coachella Festival is shaping to be the largest and most interesting music festival in the US. Last night in ended with a live performance by The Cure.

The Line Up was in par with those of the European Festivals like Reading, Benicassin, Glastonbury, among others.

Finally it seems, that US promoters are understanding the concept of the European Spring/Summer music festivals. The best part of all is that the music and bands that played in Coachella are not the ones with airplay in Mtv and even Mtv2.

It is so good to see that Coachella is not a version of the overated Woodstock versions held some years ago, with a line up that simply sucked and did not have anything to do with the concept and ideology of the original Woodstock in 1969.

My favorite band The Pixies played on Saturday and I am expecting to see them anytime soon this year. It may possible happen that both Pixies and Morrissey play at Lollapalooza !!!!