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August 31, 2004


After reading opinion articles from Venezuelan "intellectuals", I am concluding that the in your face fraud truly disarmed the opposition. They even are looking (an believing) logical explanations on why maybe there was no fraud.

The fact is that we are dealing with a group of people that killed in the past in order to gain and maintain power. Do you really think that people that their entire lives have been involved creating conspiracy plots to overthrow elected governments are now the greatest democrats? People that are directly engaged with Mr. Fidel Castro are now going to bring you clean and shine elections? A group of people that in 6 years have amassed billions of dollars managing the largest corruption scheme for a country in Latin America are not going to "invest" in rigging an election electronically?

Is just plain stupid.

Here is another article that clearly explain how the machines can be altered, is just incredible.

August 24, 2004


So you still think there was no fraud? So you think e-voting is safe. Just take a look at this article, and find out what the US is facing regarding this method.

I know that the fraud evidence will surface, it is just a matter of time.

August 23, 2004

Daniela Larreal

Is is just me or it seems that Daniela Larreal has been competing at every olympic game of the modern era...and sadly without any honor!!

It is just an opinion nothing against her.

August 19, 2004

The end of the Innocence

I am waking up... I thought I had politics figured out. As the hours pass by I realize freedom is just a word, and democracy just letters.

August 17, 2004

The Rise and Fall of Hope

The thing that gets me the most is the fact that Chavez was able to maintain acceptance levels in Venezuela above 35% before going into the Referedum. That simple thing help raise the doubts that a fraud ever existed. I know the fraud did happened, that I know for sure.

I see it very difficult that in the next election (2006) a person can defeat Hugo Chavez. If with an election of a YES or a NO the opposition was not able to prevent a flagrant abuse of power and manipulation of the voting machines and win straight and square, how they will do it with a candidate that is exposed to direct attacks from the government?

As of today I do not see a leader that can challenge Mr. Chavez's charisma and charm with the popular masses. I know that person exist, and is somewhere in Venezuela right know, his turn to be in the spotlight is yet to be seen.

This is by any account the 1st. public thing that Chavez manages that actually works, a high tech coup d'etat.

August 15, 2004


I just arrived from Houston. I voted to recall Mr. Hugo Chavez from the Venezuelan Presidency.

It was quite a surprise. The last time they held an election at the Venezuelan consulate in Houston there were around 300 voters. Today the number raised to around 2.5K voters!!!. Quite a turnaround.

The tendency is to almost 90 to 10 in favor of revoking the mandate to the former paratrooper that destroyed the Venezuelan way of life in no less than 6 years in power.

Whatever today's outcome you can tell there is a profound change in the minds of the average venezuelan, this country is not going to be the same starting tomorrow.


August 13, 2004

The New vs. the Old.

There is no question that Apple's IPod is king in the mobile digital music business. I compare it's success to that of the SONY walkman in the early 80's.

But have you ever stopped and think about how the average gen X'er used to listen to music on the go?. Remember the tape? or Cassette?. That was our mean of storage that allowed us to build our 1st. music collections.

Well how about comparing the cassette with the actual IPod?

Some guys took that ardous task to run a head to head comparison. The goal? see which one is a better mean for music storage.

Here are their findings....

August 12, 2004

Signs I am getting OLD

I found this article in the NYT to be really interesting.

August 02, 2004

By Popular Demand

I guess I had to happen. The previous post was read by my wife and she demanded me to post that I also miss her everytime I am "communting" and living out of a suitcase in central Texas. Sweety I miss you the most...