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January 06, 2006

Best of 2005

Here's my small list of what I think was the best in music in 05 in no specific order

- Arcade Fire: Funeral

The most notorious band from the revamped and hyped Montreal scene. As original as It can be, a unique sound filled with one too many influences.

- The Magic Numbers: The Magic Numbers

ABBA meets the 21st. century. A refreshing and easy listening debut so simple yet deeply compose of musical arrangements that makes singing along quite an experience.

- Surfjan Stevens: Illinoise

An ode to real music making. I am hooked for the rest of the states of the Union.

- Sigur Ros: Takk
The soundtrack of my next life.

- Clap your hands say yeah - Clap your hands say yeah
The most original yet ripped off sound of 2005. This brooklyn guys are messing up with my head as we speak...wiht my yellow country teeth.....!!!

- The New Pornographers- Twin Cinema
This is POP rock as good as it gets. Vancouver did not stayed behind.

- Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock and Roll

The best raw sound of simple R&R there is. One of the coolest frontmans (lead vocalist) I have seen in a while.

- Kaiser Chiefs - Employment

I predict a...revival of the britpop.

- Antony & The Johnsons - I Am a Bird Now

It was hard for me to understand Antony. At 1st I was just in a WTF state. I gave a try and it just clicked. Antony just elevates music to another level, I can nit explain.

-LCD Soundsytem - LCD Soundsystem

They are playing in my house.... my house. This is what happens when you let a really creative producer play alone with his cd collection and toys.

- The Go Team- Thunder, Lightning, Strike

Since It has been a while since I do not get anything from The Avalanches, this guy are filling the space. Incredible sound, loops and electronic beats. Go Brighton!