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April 28, 2004

Star Wars Kid latest adventure

It's been a long time since I saw the Star Wars Kid in action. The opening of the new KILL BILL 2 movie evolved in this extremely funny clip of our hero as part of his own version of the latest Tarantino work.

If you are into KILL BILL as much as the 12 readers of this blog, I am pretty sure you are going to dig this Flash Game. It is in czech but the game play is self explanatory if you saw the movies.

Thank me later or leave a comment.

La Raza

Today I was part of a Promotional event for Mc Donald's at the USA vs. Mexico Soccer Match. The number of Mexicans attending was simply amazing. At one point I felt I was somewhere in Hermosillo, Puebla, Guanajuato, Tolima etc.

The radio station that was part of the event was playing Grupera music and even Cumbia. All the US born kids that did not even spoke Spanish where dressed with the Mexican national team uniform, their faces painted with the Mexican flag and some of them even had their hair colored with Mexican colors.

Inside the stadium the relation was 10:1, so It felt like a home game for the Mexicans. They lost 1:null to the Americans bringing the pre cinco de mayo festivities to an abrupt end.

Sometimes I think that Texas is still a part of Mexico, despite the fact that the land was lost to the "gringos" centuries ago the people stayed, la Raza is still alive and kicking.

April 26, 2004

Me a Rock Star?

This is who I would be if I was a Rock Star..the sad part is that the White Stripes does not have a Bassist....

Which Band Should You Be In?
by couplandesque
Your Name
Band NameThe White Stripes
TrademarkHating P2P File Sharing
Love InterestYourself
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!


Finally I was invited to test GMAIL!!!. It was the same feeling I had when I registered my 1st. hotmail and yahoo email accounts in 1996. I was able to select my email name as I pleased.

The concept rules and I have plenty of space to fill with my stuff. This guys are doing it right.

April 25, 2004

GAYLORD of the Hotels

Once you get used to live in Texas you realize that things are just bigger here. That is the case with the new GAYLORD TEXAN HOTEL in Grapevine.

Once you enter you feel you are in...let's say in Las Vegas. Why? Because it is a thematic hotel with the whole Texas experience as a backdrop.

It has 1500 rooms all booked for the rest of the year. And inside everything is Texas oriented with a mini riverwalk like the one in San Antonio as well as The Alamo like building.

It is simply amazing. It seems North Texas wants to become a little Orlando.

April 23, 2004

Signs of Decadence

Yesterday my father in law arrived from Caracas for a flash visit. He kindly bought the daily newspapers so I can get a fresh look at what is being said in the print media.

To my sad surprise the two major morning papers "EL UNIVERSAL" and "EL NACIONAL" are just a handful of pages. It used to be that both had 4 separated sections with more than 70 pages each. The ones I had in my hands yesterday looked and felt like a newspaper from the province and not like the major national newspapers they used to be.

The number of pages and the quantity of the advertising is minimal. The whole newspaper is the size the classifieds section used to be.

This reality check reflects the downward spiral that the country is immerse in. Is there an end? Will the newspapers be forced to keep reducing their size?

Slowly but surely the "bonita" revolution is getting things done.

April 22, 2004

If John Kerry is not the next US president is his fault.

November's election is going to be one for the ages. Personally I think that the Iraq conflict is exploding in George W Bush hands. What seemed to be an all out victory for the US is evolving into a guerrilla, urban warfare where the US is simply unprepared and not motivated to win.

You do not have to be a hardcore analyst to realize that the US is having an extremely hard time getting Iraq into a democracy. It is sad sometimes to read and listen to the people responsible for the operation. The US army seemed to be perfect and somehow it is lacking resources at this phase of the battle.

This may sound weird but the same plan used by WAL MART trying to enter the German market I think is being used by the US army entering Iraq.

It is general knowledge that WAL MART is having a heck of a time developing its business in Germany. The expatriates are just not willing to learn German and adapting their corporate culture into the German workforce is simply not giving the best results.

In Iraq the US just did not know what to do after winning the occupation. The lack of a fast scenario building is evolving into a free for all; where the ones who managed to do the bigger damage are the ones who gets concessions in the new constitution.

The US marketing oriented culture is just not selling itself in the Iraq and maybe in the rest of the world. Ironic? YES

John Kerry has a once in a lifetime opportunity to take the presidency. Mr. Bush is between a rock and hard place. Only a miracle could take the Iraq conflict out of his of today it has been a complete failure. The UN is waiting to simply laugh on the fact that the almighty power is just not able to complete its freedom plan.

Kerry has a good poker game in his hands... He is the one to blame if he trash his game.

April 21, 2004

End of MANkind...literally!

So it seems that a group of japanese and korean scientists have managed to reproduce a mice without the use of any male genetic material. In other words, the lady mice just reproduced herself!!!.

It would be a matter of time for the world to start listening for the likes of Rossie O'Donnel saying that man are useless and a whole show of Oprah dedicated to the matter.

Think about it? Are we doooommmed!!!???

You can read the details of the article here.

April 19, 2004

No sabe no constesta

As of today this is going to be my answer if asked about the Political situation in Venezuela. I am tired and sick of all the situation. Maybe I am taking a break, but for now.....

No sabe no constesta.

April 16, 2004

The Donald and The Walter

As I saw the final chapter of the Apprentice, I realized that Donald Trump looks like a famous latin celebrity... Walter Mercado.

Both of them are Millionaires. Both of them have the same Hair do and they have the same style when approaching a TV camera.

By the way, the final show sucked big time, Trump sucks reading the cue cards or tele prompter. The Climax was very low and the last 15 minutes were totally lame.

I just do not care who won. What I did learn is that choosing your team could lead you to victory.

April 15, 2004


I just ran into the most hilarious MP3 in spanish regarding the venezuelan internal political crisis. I dont know for how long this is going to be online, before the regime decides to pull it off from the web site.




If I have to mention my favorite artist I definitely would say MORRISSEY. Ever since I discovered The Smiths during my senior year of high school, I found his lyrics and voice to be unique. I have been an avid follower ever since, having in my record collection every CD that The Smiths and Morrissey have legally published.

Next month Mr. Morrissey will release a long awaited album "You are the Quarry" . I have been waiting for this work desperately for the last 7 years. After a soap opera like dealing with record companies the mozzer finally signed with sactuary records and got special treatment by them, bringing to life the reggae oriented ATTACK record label. Morrissey's You are the Quarry will be the 1st. release from this label in years and I expect some other great acts to be released by ATTACK.

The buzz for this album is starting to build up. Almost every respected publication in the music industry is already raving about the new album. NME, Mojo, Spin, among others are already showcasing his comeback. So far the reviews are very good, and some previous bashers of Moz are paying tribute to the quality of the recording.

The resurgence of Morrissey is followed by the announcement by NME that The Smiths was (and is) the most influential band in for the last century beating The Beatles. The momentum is there and it seems Morrissey is trying to cash in.

So I guess a die hard fan like me is looking forward to the success of this new record. I think he deserves more recognition from the industry and understanding from the general public. This guy is somehow weird but nevertheless an outstanding artist, for me simply an ICON.

I will be writing about this a lot...

Why oh! Why?

If you want to download an MP3 file from ITunes you pay $1 per song. If you want to download a polyphonic ringtone you have to pay almost $2!!!.

Producing a Ringtone is as easy as learning to use MSFT Word for the 1st. time. You don't even have to know music to create one. So the cost of producing one is minimal. An MP3 file has a far greater production overhead with it. And the difference in cost to the average Joe is about a dollar in most cases.

What a great business...profit margins are just insane.

I want a ringtone from "EL Jardinero" by Wilfrido Vargas (classic merengue artist from the Dominican republic)..If you find one please let me know!! I pay cash!!!!!

April 12, 2004

Let's see what happens

Well...on tuesday morning I will be flying about 3 hours to a major US city to have my 3rd. Interview with a major US cellular carrier. This is the 1st. time I am flying to an interview and I do not know what to expect. The position is very interesting and the company is extremely provocative like a good ice cream with melting chocolate as a topping. BUT!!!....

I am really comfortable about living in Dallas...I really like it here and my wife is having a blast working as a bilingual teacher for a public school district. We even have an extremely good group of friends that we managed to get really close in less than a year.

I feel that after the interview I am going to be between a rock and a hard place. What to do? Don't no know for sure. Tomorrow at 2:00 pm I will be selling myself, trying to fit their profile. I know I am goood...but do I wan to be good this time? Time will tell.!!!!

April 09, 2004

Easter Easter Easter

Well Happy easter people....

A Jewish businessman in Chicago sent his son to Israel for a year to absorb the culture. When the son returned to Chicago, he said, "Papa, I had a great time in Israel. But, by the way, I converted to Christianity."

"Oy vey," said the father, "What have I done?"

He took his problem to Ike, his best friend. "Ike," he said, "I sent my son to Israel, and he came home a Christian. What can I do?"

"Funny you should ask," said Ike. "I, too, sent my son to Israel, and he also came home a Christian. Perhaps we should go see the rabbi."

They explained their problem to the rabbi.

"Funny you should ask," said the rabbi. "I, too sent my son to Israel, and he also came home a Christian. What is happening to our young people?"

Finally,they decided to pray to God, telling the Lord about their sons.

As they finished their prayer, a voice came from the heavens: "Funny you should ask," said the voice. "I, too, sent my son to Israel

April 06, 2004

Livia Lemos

For Soccer Fans, the name Ronaldo means brilliant Brazilian soccer. Gossip says that the guy is having an affair with a Brazilian TV host. Well the lady named LĂ­via Lemos just posed in the nude for the brazilian edition of Playboy. Bloggers all over the Brazil are posting about her, here is some here

April 05, 2004

Dallas Cup

All of the Venezuelan teams playing at the soccer Dallas Cup lost their games. I guess the tables are turned. I used to be that the kids used to win soccer games and the pros be the lousiest team in South America.

As of today, the Vinotinto team is 4th in the Conmebol qualifiers to the next world cup.

More on the Dallas cup if is worth telling you later.

April 04, 2004

Pure AIR

On Sat. Night I went to see the French duo AIR performing at NOKIA LIVE located in DFW.
The ticket price was originally $32 but a week before the show I received an email with an offer I could not resist. The email said that by calling Ticketmaster I could get the ticket for half the price, I just had to use the password "TALKIE" when talking with the sales representative. What a deal!!!. but I was not able to buy the tickets until the actual day of the show. I went online and I realized that I could not buy the tickets anymore so I freaked out... I had to pay now the full price!!! Hopeless I decided to call TCKMSTRS and had such a wonderful experience... I bought the tickets for $7.50! each. I guess the frenchies weren't doing so well at the box office.

One thing I hate about NOKIA LIVE is the parking. I had to shed $13 for 2 hours of parking. The worst part is that there is simply no option. The place is so secluded from civilization that there is no other place to park. Parking price was twice what I paid for a ticket!! SENSELESS.

The Review.

At 8pm the band from NYC Mosquitos took the stage. I never heard a word from them before. Simply put they sound like Belle & Sebastian with a heavy doses of Brazilian rhythms and a seductive voice from JuJu Stulbach, Jon Marshall Smith doing a masterful job with the keyboard and Chris Root trying to be funny with Juju and play the guitar at the same time. I really enjoyed their performance, I secretly knew that the band chose to open for AIR had to be good.

I was really surprised by them, and their web site is worth taking a look, you can listen to some of their work while visiting.

My wife (as many of them do..) does not dig the music I like. So it took a lot of effort to take her with me. The best review I got from the AIR concert is that SHE loved it!!! Trust me people...for her to say that is a lot.

The venue was not even half full (or half empty?). I have to point out that the sound was out of this world despite some glitches during Alpha Beta Gaga. I never expected the concert to be so good. They went over practically all of the new album Talkie Walkie. I was expecting more from their more experimental album 10,000 Hz Legend which I think is a pure genius work despite awful critics and fans reviews.

The concert is very simple in terms of the way they behave on stage, but there is a good deal of lights that set the mood for their music, a lot of colors a lot of movement and stroboscopic flashes that played with your brain while processing the music.

I wont comment on how good each and every rendition of their work was, but I HAVE to point out their closing La Femme d'Argent...

Forget about the original. I do not have an adjective to describe the musical achievement of it, the bass line, the jamming, all of it. I jump out of my seat at the end. I could not believe what I just experienced.

Do yourself a favor. Go catch and see JB Dunkel and Nicolas Godin playing live, thank me later.

here is the playlist.

Surfing on a Rocket
Alpha Beta Gagga
J'ai Dormi Sous L'eau
Dirty Trip/Playground Love medley
Cherry Blossom Girl
Another Day
People In The City
Kelly Watch The Stars
Sexy Boy
La Femme d'Argent

April 03, 2004

No HELLBOY today

I am starting to get a feeling about posting. I used to work a lot with HTML but since about 5 years I had people doing that for me in my previous jobs.

I was really looking forward to go and see HELLBOY today. I even marked the calendar. I was having lunch with a mate and he got invited to play golf, 45 minutes later I was teeing off. Golf took the rest of the afternoon. NO HELLBOY TODAY.

Tomorrow I am going to see AIR live.

April 02, 2004

I knew it was going to happen... After reading a whole lot of blogs from friends and foes and saying to myself that I would not start my own blog, here I am, here is my 1st. blog post ever. I'm still thinking on what to post and why, but my weird mind tells me It will be pertinent and extremely related on how I see the world around me.

I left my country (Venezuela) almost year ago, running away from the first 21st. Century military dictatorship that I know of. It was hard, you bet it was ,to simply say goodbye to everything you knew, loved and cherished since you were born. But extreme circumstances makes you take extreme decisions.

Destiny placed me and wife here in Texas.

The blog is about nothing and everything