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June 30, 2004

Back to life

I just wanted to say that I found a nice job somewhere in Central Texas... So I will have to do a weekly commute until further notice.

I have mixed feelings about this one, but hey! there's money coming in.

I am having time issues and Internet access issues as well, that's why I am not being able to post on a regular basis.

I just can not believe I am actually working....!!! WEIRD

June 21, 2004

Gone Fishing

I am in Austin, let's see what happens!!!!

June 18, 2004

CocaCola C2

So I tried the new Coca Cola C2, and I have to say that It did not live to my expectations. I am a big Diet Coke (CocaCola Light) drinker and I sincerely was looking forward to try this new version. I almost converted to the new diet coke with lime, and I buy it from time to time. Anyhow.. I did not like the C2 period.

But the new C2, tasted somehow plastic and left some sort of after taste in my mouth. I guess CocaCola has a big challenge in front of them.

June 17, 2004

Commodore 64

I found this link to an incredible mp3 of a hip hop song recorded using a Commodore 64. The sound is so amazingly electronic circa 84 that it sent me back to my childhood room where I used to play and have fun with my own C64 before jumping to my Apple IIc.

Then I started to browse the web to see where the Commodore lovers were doing and found some great emulators, games and FAQ's.

How cool it was to actually save files on a cassette!!!. I am about to install my emulator and play some games and enjoy 64K at its best.

June 16, 2004

BONO the Venture Capitalist

What else can U2's vocalist do? He is very active in dealing with social issues that affect third world countries and is all over the place giving lectures and meeting with decision makers from every corner in the world. Do not forget he's also busy recording the new U2 album coming in early 2005 maybe even earlier and a world tour to promote it.

Now and after amassing millions of dollars during almost 20 years in the music business, Bono decides to join a venture capital firm from silicon valley, perfectly named Elevation sweet.

I have always said that Bono is in a league of his own and with this last move I hope it sends a message to other rock stars wannabe's in how to stay atop your game and keep the money making money.

What I like the most about this new venture is that the firm has good people from both the music, video gaming industry and computing with Bono a guy from Electronic Arts and another from Apple. Very nice mix.

June 15, 2004

June 14, 2004

No Eurocup in the US

It is painfull not to be able to see any of the Eurocup 2004 soccer matches here in the US. Not a single game so far. I had to rely on TVE (Official Spanish TV) to see highlights from the the matches.

I think the Europcup is the second best soccer tournament after the actual world cup, so why american networks or cable channels did not bother to buy rights to the games?. Not even Telemundo or Univision cared to even broadcast a match.

I heard that in california you can actually see it on PPV (pay per view), costing $15 per game.... nice uh?

Here is my conspiracy theory....I guess the MLS is hoping that the Europcup would not take viewers from their struggling season, and managed to lobby sportscasters not to broadcast the european socces fest.

So if you know a way to actually see a match here in the US, PLEASE write a comment and tell me what to do.

June 10, 2004


So you just downloaded the coolest, newest toolbar for your browser, you name it, Google, Yahoo, MSN..etc. You may think that from now on you will be free of the tedious pop up windows.

Well I suggest you go this this nice website that will tell you how good you pop up blocker is...

Have fun!

June 09, 2004

I am sick of Reagan

I totally understand the importance of former US president Ronald Reagan in the development of major world changes. I am barely old enough to remember his days in the White House, and have to agree that the guy had charm and was "the great communicator". I am sorry he had to die and even more due to Parkinson disease.

But here in the US for almost 4 days now everything has to do with Reagan, every news talk show, news program and even sport broadcast has to do with Reagan's death. It seems like the world stopped, like Iraq never existed and that all the problems and issues just went away.

The worst part is that is going to be this way at least until Friday when he will be finally buried after his post mortem US coast to coast tour.

My respects to Mr. Reagan, have nothing against him, but a whole week dedicated to his death in all media is too much for my taste.

Anyway I just helped to raise the awareness of his death with this post, so I guess here are my two cents...

June 08, 2004

Proof that God Exist

Apple just proved to me that there is a GOD. After dreaming and almost preaching for something like this, they nailed it with what I think is one the coolest gadget ever made.

Like we say in "Venezulan"... QUE VAINA TAN BUENA!

I guess it is time to go and buy me this thingy...

June 07, 2004

Harry Potter gets Dark

Last Friday I left the movie theatre with a big smile on my face. The last Potter film delivered in more than one level.

This new film directed by Y Tu Mama Tambien's Alfonso Cuaron is by far the best of the series, the fact that the main actors are in their early teens seemed to provide the director with more freedom at portraying it's view on JK Rawlings world.

The film's texture, some sort of black and blue fits perfectly with the mystery and the whole wizardy theme of the movie.

So far the best summer film this year, SpiderMan 2 and The Terminal better deliver to gain that spot.

June 04, 2004

Surrealist Soundtrack

As I listened to the Venezuelan Electoral Council say that there are going to be enough signatures to ignite a Recall Referedum against Hugo Chavez Frias, a soundtrack came to my head...

I encourage you to go to this site, and listen to the sound file in it. Play it and Imagine Hugo Chavez speaking and place the music in the like watching the Wizard of Oz with the famous Pink Floyd soundtrack in the back.

Oh my god the world is coming to an end!!!!


I will stop posting about politics... at least until something really FAT comes around.

June 03, 2004

Recall Referedum is a GO!!!

The Recall to oust Hugo F*&)#n Chavez from the Venezuelan Presidency is a Fact.

August 8 is becoming the venezuelan D DAY.

Venezuelans must be careful, we are dealing with the scum of the world, we should no take anything for granted.


June 01, 2004

21st. century Watch Man (Guachimán)

As I listen to an audio stream of the Venezuela vs. Chile world cup soccer qualifying match, I can not help to think that I feel like those "Guachimanes" that used to listen to the horse races, baseball games over small AM battery operated radios while on the job.

Time and technology can change many things...