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September 11, 2006

The only great movie that I saw this past Summer

The summer went by and with it one of the worst seasons that I recall to actually go to the movies. The superheroes movies did not deliver and even Pixar's Cars although was very good it was sub par with the rest of the animation powerhouse portfolio to date.

Only one movie did it for me and it was Little Miss Sunshine. One of those movies that you go without any expectations and once 15 min into the movie you realize that you are in front of something really, really special. The script, the silences, the performances, the casting, the music, the "bus". A clear example that to make great movies you don't need millions of dollars to make let alone to advertise it.

So far Little Miss Sunshine is the best movie of 2006.


Yiyo said...

Yeap.. that's true... this movie is special.
Kudos for the Soundtrack... (sufjan and Devotchka)... and the VW ha ha ha ha... I've made a review of this movie in my blog..


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